AAUA Student Sold Her Friend For #100k:photos


The Story of how an AAUITE sold a fellow student to Ritualist for 100k. The girl on the left is the seller and on the right is the sold.
The two girls boarded a bike to a nearby Akoko land and negotiated #1000 as the transport fare with the bike man. When they got to the destination, the two girls went inside. After a while one of the girls came out without the other. She paid the bike man #4000, that is an extra #3000 aside the negotiated fee. Surprised, the bike man curiously ask for the other girl. And she was like they should keep going that her friend will find her way back when she is done inside. Obviously the bike man wasn’t convinced. The smart bike man who sensed something bad, rode the bike straight to a nearby police station with the girl on it and reported the situation. By the time the police will get to the location where the ritualist were. They met the body of the other girl with her head missing. May Almighty God protect us always IJN. R.ℓ̊.P to the victim!!


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