PIX: Anambra Big Boy Izuchukwu Caught With Cocain In Lagos

Is the poverty situation in Nigeria this bad? Everyday people are caught, yet more are joining the trade. One of the popular Anambra big boys in Lagos, Jude Izuchukwu has been arrested at Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos by operatives of the NDLEA while attempting to board an Ethiopian flight to China. Izuchukwu was caught with 9.375kg of cannabis concealed in dried fish, dried bitter leaf, crayfish, melon and other local food spices he was travelling with.
The 38-year old Anambra-born drug smuggler blamed his involvement with drugs on poverty and said he had no choice but to join the trade since his clothes shop on Lagos Island packed up after he was duped of N5 million.
He also said he and his family have been living from hand to mouth since then. But The Airport Commander of the NDLEA said that Izuchukwu should be happy that he was caught in Nigeria because he might have faced death penalty if he was caught in China or any of the Asian countries. 

He said the excuse of poverty Izuchukwu gave is baseless and warned others to stay away from drugs.


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