SEE The Bad Things A Stupid Rapist Did To This Young Girl

This is totally unacceptable! A suspected rapist who was allegedly refused séx by a grade six female student of the Young Tajudeen Middle School, Ede, Osun State attacked her and inflicted serious injuries on her.

The assailant, who some claimed was a ritual killer, inflicted machete cuts on the 15-year-old girl’s head, legs and wrist. The young girl is living with her grandmother in Ede, Osun State, while her mother is in Lagos State.

She was said to have gone inside a bush in the town to pick some mangoes last Wednesday when the wicked man accosted her and wanted to rape her. The victim said that she was going home with the mangoes when the man appeared and asked her for some mangoes.
She said that she gave him some and he later demanded séx, which she said she turned down. Immediately, the man pounced on her, grabbed her head and forced a pill into her mouth and after this, she became unconscious...
Asked if the man rapéd her, she said that she did not know what happened when she was unconscious. She told Punch that: “The man later said he wanted to have séx with me, but I told him I was too young for that. The man threatened to cut off my head if I didn’t oblige him. He held my head, forced my mouth open and dropped a white pill inside my mouth. I fell down and I became unconscious.

"I was attacked around 2pm and I woke up when it was getting dark maybe around 7pm. I managed to crawl to the footpath and shouted for help, but none came until the following morning.”

Some farmers, who found the girl inside the bush the following day, rushed her to the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Teaching Hospital in Osogbo for treatment.

She was said to have been brought to the hospital with maggots oozing out of the wounds all over her body.

The maggots infested wounds made some people to believe that the girl was attacked more than 48 hours before she was brought to the hospital. One of the medical personnel at LAUTECH Teaching Hospital confirmed that the girl was brought to the hospital with maggots all over the wounds.

The hospital worker said, “We will examine her to know if she was raped or not. But I beleive the police should look for the attacker, get him arrested and charge him to court.”
The mother of the victim, Abebi , told Punch that the girl’s father had died and her grandmother said she should not take her back to Lagos, that was why she left her with her grandmother.


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