Popular socialite, Akeem Dipo AbdulSalam (aka Bestman) is presently in the eye of the storm. He is fighting hard to extricate himself from the web of allegations that his in-laws have been heaping on him, since the tragic death of his wife, Remi (née Ademuyiwa), occurred a few days ago.

 Close family sources disclosed to The ELITES that members of Remi's family are angry over the way her husband treated her while she was alive. They are reported to have claimed that Dipo, consciously drove Remi to the point of depression, which eventually led to her unfortunate death. The aggrieved family members are said to be spoiling for war with the popular socialite. 

 Information gathered indicate that Remi died over two weeks ago. Her body was discovered at her London flat, almost ten days after she had passed. The young lady was alone with her two kids- Omar, her four year old son and and Zee, her two year old daughter. It was gathered that the kids, who, obviously were oblivious of the fact that their mother had died, were in the flat for several days, with her decomposing body, before the family friend came around and discovered what happened. 
Remi, who was a British citizen had a good job and she was described as the financial backbone of her mother (now late) and her sister. Before Dipo came into her life and changed the course of her destiny, she had a well paying job and she was a vivacious and healthy looking lady. The moment she got involved with Dipo, the young lady became gaunt, unhappy and isolated.  

Members of her family are grieved with the fact that their daughter died a miserable, depressed and frustrated woman. They are laying the blame at the doorstep of her husband, Dipo, as they insist that he pushed her to what eventually led to her death. It is gathered that the family is alleging that Dipo shirked responsibilities as a husband towards his wife. He is also alleged to have stripped Remi of her erstwhile, bubbly and highly esteemed personality and made her feel less like a woman.
It was gathered that the late Remi suffered many untold hardships right from the moment Dipo came into her life and till she died. He was said to have subjected her to the worst of emotional degradation, which very few women could take. Family sources cited several of such instances.

Sources revealed that Dipo and Remi started off well. Their courtship days were characterized by love, care and exchange of gifts. However, the relationship took a downward turn the moment Remi got pregnant with their first child. Dipo was reported to have become suddenly nagging and belligerent without any reason.

The eventual birth of the baby only seemed to aggravate his belligerent nature. When Remi became pregnant with their second child, Dipo had turned to a total stranger and the marriage had become a nightmare for Remi. Sources disclosed that it was during this period that Dipo packed his wife's stuffs in waste bin bags and asked her to leave the house because he was expecting some guests. Also, family sources claimed that Dipo alienated Remi from her family and close friends. 

He was reported to have seen to it that she had no access to the people who knew of the ordeal his wife was going through in the marriage.  Sources also disclosed that Remi encountered some financial difficulties in the last few years of her life. Her financial condition was reported to have become so severe that, sometimes, she could barely feed herself and her kids.
The sources further disclosed that Dipo held on to Remi because he wanted to use her to get his British passport. It was gathered that, on several occasions, Remi tried to leave her husband, but he had a way of bringing her around to change her mind. One other battle that Remi was reported to have contended with was Dipo's former wife. The lady was alleged to have resorted to employing the use of curses on Remi as her daily mantra.

It was gathered that Dipo and Laide were separated before Remi came into the picture. Lamide, who has three children for Dipo was alleged to have engaged him in constant battle because he neglected to carry out his obligations towards his children. It wasn't until Lamide married her second husband that Remi was freed from the ritual of her early morning curses.
A couple of years back, Dipo, it was gathered, relocated to Nigeria. Later, he invited Remi and the kids to join him. It was gathered that Remi was hesitant at first, but she gave in after much pressure. Sources disclosed that Dipo had deceived Remi with a promise that he was going to formalize their relationship if she came back home. Unfortunately, the controversial socialite never fulfilled his promise till his wife died. Source disclosed that when Remi regretted her decision to relocate to Nigeria. Her stay with Dipo was fraught with constant quarrels, loneliness, depression and sadness. Sources disclosed that it was at this juncture that Remi decided to take some of her close relatives into confidence, and informed them of how Dipo had been treating her and the kids. According to these sources, Remi was reported to have complained that Dipo usually locked foodstuffs in the kitchen store, and he was in the habit of measuring the consumption food by his wife and children.

Also, Remi was learnt to have complained that, on many occasions, her husband would leave her and the children for weeks, and give them five thousand naira to feed on. There were times, when he would go out clubbing and partying for days, while Remi and the kids fared poorly because of the meagre resources he left for them to feed on. Sources disclosed that Remi's self-esteem was reduced to Zero, as Dipo would taunt her with her gaunt look and would tell her that no man would date her if she left him, because she had become a saggy old woman.

It was also gathered that, on several occasions, Dipo, allegedly, would pull a knife on Remi and threatened to butcher her whenever he went into a fit of anger. 

When Remi could no longer stomach the ill treatment being meted out to her by her husband, she decided to go back to the United Kingdom and start a new life last November. Upon her return to the UK, a wider gulf existed in her relationship with Dipo. This saw her falling in and out of sickness on a regular basis. Three weeks ago, while on a trip to the UK, Dipo paid a visit to his family.

The condition in which he met Remi was so critical that it warranted that he took her to the hospital. Family sources claimed that Dipo refused to tend to his ailing wife. They accused him of dumping her at home and rushing back to Nigeria, instead of staying with her and assisting to speed up her journey to full recovery.
The aggrieved family members express their anger, over what they describe as 'Dipo's nonchalant attitude towards their daughter, especially during her last days. They insist that Dipo shut them out of Remi's life and he refused to inform them of her illness. The family members are vociferous in their allegation that Dipo was the major contributive factor to what led to their daughter's death. They reiterated the fact that he was wicked to Remi and he treated her with such ignominy that was undeserving of even a slave. The family members disclosed that Dipo has been using Remi's funeral to solicit for financial funds from his friends and sympathy from other people. They have vowed to engage him in a battle for driving their daughter to a state depression, which eventually became the cause of her death.


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