See how the public reacts when a man attacks his girlfriend VS When she attacks him(Photos)

After Jay Z / Solange elevator attack, many were angry Solange wasn't arrested because ,her attack was vicious and was done to inflict bodily harm. Obviously,if the roles were reversed,Jay Z would be in jail just like Chris Brown.

So,an experiment was carried out by Mankind Initiative in support of #ViolenceisViolence campaign .Hidden cameras filmed a man pretending he was beating up his girlfriend .This was done to see the reaction of passers-by's. They intervened ,heavily criticising him..Majority were women who were so angry,threatening to call the police, others told her to leave him because she deserved better..

Then, the tables were turned and the lady was beating the man. No one intervened and passers-by just laughed,finding it funny a man was being attacked..Women didn't say a word.Just like Beyonce did in the elevator.Note, the passerby's didn't know they were being filmed.

That raises the question,why is it allowed for a woman to hit a man and go free why a man can't do same.....

See the pics below


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