WEIRD: Meet The Boy With Giant Hands Bigger Than his Head [PHOTOS]

An eight-year-old boy has been shunned from his school after his hands ballooned to gigantic proportions larger than his head.

Kaleem, a keen cricket fan, was left unable to do even basic tasks – including tying his shoelaces and feeding himself – after his hands grew to an incredible 13 inches from the end of his middle finger to the base of his palm. 

His giant hands now weigh eight kilograms each (1.2 stone) and he has been bullied so much he fears being beaten up if he returns.

Kaleem was quoted as saying he does not go to school because of bullies and the stigma associated with his deformity.

He finds it difficult to do basic things such as putting on his clothes and buttoning his shirts.

A doctor at a local hospital said the cause of the deformity was unknown but it could be either lymphangioma or hamartoma.

Apart from his giant hands, Kaleem is otherwise healthy although the increased pressure on his cardiovascular system could potentially shorten his life.


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