WORLD PREMIERE: Vector – Redefined

Vector Redefined Art 
With the September release fast approaching, and the #A7 mixtape cooked and ready to be served, we bring you guys another fresh cut by Vector tha Viper titled “Redefined”, a follow-up to his comeback tune “Where Is Vector?” which caused a stir 2 weeks ago.DOWNLOAD HERE


I am sniping everybody here, nobody’s escaping
If you’re willing to take your shots I better discover the meaning is “taping”
The illest rapper ever seen yeah u know me
Ur a clown with your ass your competition is BOVI
Fights out when they bring d mics out
Nice style? Oh damn even though its quite sour
I’m that rapper, most u rappers secretly
Admire cos when it comes to these beats am Quagmire
I’m talking bout “gigitty goo” damn
Guess I be giving to them
If you’re ready for war be ready for chores
You’re MAKING a new STEM
Guess who’s playing stem
Like KUNTAKINTE you playing (u play in) ROOTS
Your story’s so predictable, all u need is a home video director and sombody playing flutes ah!
This no be debate yes!
The Mofo rapping is the greatest in this R.A.P. Game fiyeh!

Verse 2
It’s d return of the viper
Freestyle genius, impeccable writer
Talk anyhow u lose your life ah
Can’t talk free homie this is not viber
And I am not a psycher
Listen up!
All y’all rappers need to follow
Awan af’oju rappers
K’wan ma f’igi follow
Yeah I be that greatest
Anybody tryna disrespect
U better know is going down – south- #MAFIKIZOLO
Macarthy baracki the boy no dey happy we keep it military we keep it khaki believe that I bury the one getting at me
Maa pa wan danu danu danu u copy?
I’m far gone I’m gone don’t even try
You wouldn’t see me with Segun Arinze’s Eyes … I!!!!


Verse 3
Peace to everybody who deserves peace
Man dem ah try
Man dem ah die
Man ah go away, if u cross my way
Things are crazy me I no dey play
One time homie I keep it real straight
I keep going ( assault)
RAH! TAH!! TAH!!! TAh!!!!
Swear to God u no want wahala
This music go carry u waka
So light up your “j” ur lala…

This no be debate yes
The mofo rapping is the greatest in ths R-A-P- game fiyeh!


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