Google To Pay Woman For Showing Her BOOBS in Street View

Google has to pay up after a judge ruled that the tech giant invaded a Montreal woman’s privacy by including a photo of her with an exposed chest on its Street View.
When Maria Pia Grillo looked up her house in 2009 using Google’s street function, she was shocked to see herself — with part of her breasts exposed.

Google owes a fine of $2,250, according to Business Insider.

In the image, Grillo is seen sitting on her stoop leaning forward, her cleavage bared. Her face is blurred out, but she claimed in court papers that the picture offered enough information to identify her.

Grillo had demanded the company pay her $45,000 for emotional damage, including depression and mockery from her co-workers at a “well-known bank” where she worked, according to GigaOm. She also asked that her license plate and address be blurred.

But the judge didn’t think her emotional damage was caused by the Google incident, and was skeptical about why she decided to start legal proceedings two years after she found the image.


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