Fashola attacks President Jonathan; He has not Transformed ANYTHING he said!

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, has said that  President Goodluck Jonathan has done nothing to deseeve a second term, describing the President’s transformation agenda as a failure.

The governor, therefore, lambasted the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria for “plotting to ensure that Jonathan returns to power through propagation of false claims.”
Fashola who was a keynote speaker at the opening ceremony of Women In Business Conference in Lagos on Monday, said he remained convinced that the country under the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party was not transforming the country as portrayed by TAN’s numerous adverts.
The governor noted that the nation’s power supply was worsening while unemployment was on the rise. He said it was unfortunate that Nigeria, a major oil exporter, was depending on importation.
Fashola said when the price of oil stood at a $100 per barrel for almost a decade, the PDP-led Federal Government had not been able to transform the country. He therefore wondered how the same government could do better in 2015 since oil price had dropped to $80 per barrel.
He said, “Where the North East is under siege and the economy has continued to nosedive, the transformation ambassadors have continued to distort the true information that all is well. All it takes to cripple our economy by those countries from where we buy oil is to say they won’t sell to us any longer.


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