Head of the Hunters has been arrested for Killing Boko Haram?

 #FreeSarkinBaka: By Riot or Revolution
I ask you, what will you do if it was your hometown?
If your brothers or mothers had been so thoroughly let down.

Six whole years;
Six buckets full of tears;
Crippled, orphaned and dead;
Everywhere painted a crimson red!
We live in fear;
Life, no longer dear.
I ask, what will you do if your sisters were abducted as forced concubines;
And the chiefs of staff were seen, billions of looted dollars bloated raising glasses of expensive wines.
If your president danced as bombs blew;
I ask, what will you do?

Will you let the hunters and vigilantes who liberated you, down?
And wait for an army led by a greedy clown?
Did I hear you say you believed in justice?
But Sarkin Baka fought for you, liberated you, where are your voices?
The army should be called to do something?
It’s been six long years, they didn’t do nothing!
Unless you call tactical maneuvers…
Your recommendation to liberate your abducted sisters.
The army chief who struck a phantom ceasefire;
Is the one on whose neck should be put the tire!
Surely, better than this the Lord requires.
For when a man goes to defend another man;
And the Government decides to clamp him down;
Then be it riot or revolution!
It’s time for a real solution!


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