I can't marry the Lady who gave me a Baby Boy now –Terry G

In a hat with Vanguard, popular akpako singer, Terry G gave insights into why he is yet to marry Mimi, the lady who gave him the bouncing baby boy he is very proud of today. His words below:

    She’s my fiancée; we are getting married one day but I don’t want everybody pushing us to settle down as if they own our lives. One thing many of them have not realised is that marriage is a decision we have to make once in life. I don’t want to make a decision now and change my mind later or else everybody looking up to me as a role-model will see me as an irresponsible guy. Besides, I don’t want to make a rash decision that I’d regret for the rest of my life...

 That is why I have been taking my time, putting things that make marriage worthwhile together and at the end, when that fruitfulness is everywhere we can live our lives together forever. I thank God I have a good and understanding partner and we are working together.


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