Man Googles 'How to Kill My Ex-Wife' then kills his two daughters(Photos)

A court in Melborne heard how a Tanzanian father dressed his young daughters in ballerina dresses before killing them..Before that, he had Googled 'how to kill my ex-wife',

Charles Amon Mihayo, 36, has pleaded guilty to murdering four-year-old Savannah and three-year-old Indianna on Easter Sunday. Mihayo dressed the girls in ballerina dresses and filmed them dancing to 'Let It Go' from the movie Frozen before smothering them with a pillow, bathing and redressing them and then calling police.

The court heard after the relationship broke down, Mihayo told a co-worker he had been thinking about ways to kill his ex-wife and get away with it but he would make sure his daughters were in a safe place.

Four days before the girls died he Googled 'how can I kill my ex-wife',

His defence lawyer Mr Marsh said it wasn't premeditated..
That just happened, it just happened right then and there.'
Mr Marsh said Mihayo indicated he decided to kill the girls while they were playing hide-and-seek, after dancing.
'Mr Mihayo instructs he was consumed by a particular thought, a particular idea, and made the decision to kill the children,..He had indicated 'some particular horror' that his children would grow up not knowing their father, as he himself had done,.
He had earlier told the police
'"I thought, well, if the kids are not there, they are not going to suffer the way I suffered, knowing their dad is somewhere but you never get to see him",

Culled from Dailymail UK
There was ongoing hostility between Mihayo and his ex-wife regarding access to the children, and he was filled with rage when he found out the girls' mother had a new partner, and killed the girls as revenge.


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