Meet The Town Where Traders Do Not Pack There Goods After Sales

MFUM—WHEN a traveller hinted that there was a community in Niger Delta where traders do not pack their wares home after the day’s business, but just cover them with waterproofs and other materials, it sounded too real to be true in this evil era.
So this reporter went to Mfum community in Ogoja Local Government Area, Cross River State, located at the intersection that leads to Abakaliki and Igoli, which is 30 and 15 kilometres away, respectively, from Ogoja metropolis, to authenticate the claim. The strategic position of the community has turned the people of Mfom, especially the women, to traders. The makeshift stalls, where they sell foodstuff like garri, rice, plantain, cocoyam, banana, fish and bush meat to the thousands of people, who traverse the busy Abakaliki-Ikom Highway, littered the roadside. It’s true—Madam Agade A shop owner, Madam Grace Agade, who confirmed the claim to Niger Delta Voice, said: “There is a strong spirit that guards the foodstuff and anybody who attempts to steal any item is on his own “This is because the person will see what he or she is looking for by coming to this community to steal stuff items meant for sale just because nobody is guarding the items of trade. “If anyone steals from the market, the spirit that guards that market will follow such a person to his house or his destination and instructs him to return the item. “But if he remains stubborn and keeps the item, something will happen within three days. “If he does not die, he will run mad and it is only if his people come to appease the community that the he can be healed of the madness.” Spirit arrests gari thieves She said sometime, last year, “some people stole some basins of gari and when the sprit went after them, they had to return the garri and our youths beat them up. “They had to perform sacrifices before they were allowed to go back to their homes.” Another lady, Rose Eddy, said she has been selling food items in the market since the road was constructed, several decades ago, adding, “nobody had stolen my items except the incident of last year.” Switching to Pidgin English, she said: “Dem know our community say thief no dey survive here and any person wey steal, na him go take him head carry am.”


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