Mesut Ozil taken to court by his own father after sacking him

German World Cup Winner Mesut Ozil has been taken to court by his own FATHER, Mustafa Ozil after the 26 year old sacked him as managing director of marketing company Ozil Marketing GmbH last year.

Mustafa Ozil, who played an integral part in brokering his son’s £42.5m move from Real Madrid to Arsenal last summer, filed a complaint for a loss of earnings totalling €630,000 (£493,000).

German newspaper Bild report the ‘sad story’ as being a situation where a family has been pulled apart over financial issues involving a star’s contract.

Ozil’s company responded with a counter claim, demanding repayment of a loan worth in the region of one million euros and the return of a company car from Ozil senior.

But after initially refusing to pay out, Gunners star Ozil has reached a settlement with his dad although he won’t be involved in the company and has been replaced by Mesut’s brother Mutlu.

It’s all in a day, or months work for Ozil though who is said to be earning a figure in the region of £130,000-a-week at Emirates Stadium.
A not-entirely-dissimilar situation played out when Lewis Hamilton took the momentous decision to split with his father Anthony as his manager at the start of 2010.

The pair reportedly did not speak for months after their separation, but finally Lewis was able to rediscover a normal father-son relationship with an emotional handshake in Singapore earlier this year.


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