Nicki Minaj Destroyed Ex-BF’s Benz And Threw Him Out Of The House

Nicki dumped her longtime boyfriend, Safree Samuels, but the cause of their break up is unknown. According to TMZ:
“She started screaming, he got pissed, and
she exploded in anger, grabbing a bat and chasing him out of the house. She then smashed the windows of his 2012 Mercedes
with a baseball bat, threw his clothes in the
garbage .Cops were called to the house, but
no arrests were made. Safaree was escorted
out of the house and left.

As for why Nicki didn’t get in trouble … it appears she owned the Mercedes, but allowed him to use it, and you can’t get
arrested for destroying your own property.They broke up a short time later.
Wise move”


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