[PHOTOS] HORROR! Girl’s leg is MUMMIFIED and blackened after gruesome snake bite


THIS horrific photo shows a teenage girl’s black and rotten leg after she was bitten by a venomous snake
The bite caused the premature death of cells – a process known as necrosis. The tissue in her leg then died, giving it a mummified appearance and leaving it black and rotten.

The unidentified 13-year-old is reportedly from a tribe in a remote area of Venezuela and was not treated properly for a month.
She was eventually taken to Caracas for medical treatment after local remedies failed to control the poisoning.

Dr Arun Ghosh, a privates GP in Liverpool, told the MailOnline that while the limb would need to be amputated, the girl could still die.
“Snake venom is very complicated and depends on the species of snake,” he said. “But the picture shows clearly severe tissue necrosis that will need amputation, though she still may die from this due to the nature of the poison.
“The whole lower leg is black, it’s spreading up. Looking at the rest of her body she’s showing signs of muscle wastage from the poison. Her other leg is thin. It’s likely she will still die.”
The girl may have been bitten by a bothrops species – common in Venezuela.


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