Prisoner sues Jay Z and Beyoncé for stealing his lyrics!

According to report, Jay.Z & Beyonce has now been hit with a $50 million dollar lawsuit which accuses the couple stealing music lyrics and not paying the alleged songwriter.
Jeffney Phillips filed a federal lawsuit against the couple on October 31st in Florida.
Phillips claims that while in prison, he met a man by the name of Chucky who just happened to be friends with Jay-Z and told him he could introduce him to the rapper through the mail.
According to the lawsuit, Jeffney claims that he allegedly began communicating with Jay and eventually started sending him lyrics, on which he can get feedback from him. Mr. Carter in turn allegedly told him that his lyrics were going to be used and he was going to get paid for that.
A little while later, Phillips states that he heard a song off Watch The Throne with Kanye West which featured his lyrics, but according to him, he never received a dime for his work.
The prisoner is now accusing Jay Z of stealing his music, his rap style and image through the letters he submitted.
Jeffney claims he also communicated with Beyonce and sent her lyrics too, which she then, in turn, used in her albums.
He is now suing the power couple for $50 million. Each.


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