UNIILORIN 1st Class Anatomy Graduate reveals she was Inspired by her Boyfriend


Fatima Sulaiman’s case is different from the normal ones we used to hear, where a best graduating female student would say she doesn’t have a social life. In her case, her boyfriend inspired her to work and focus on her study.

Fatima told Success Nwogu of Punchng that her secret of her success is her boyfriend. She said:
“He encouraged, inspired and assisted me to excel in my studies.” “He encouraged me. At times, even if I woke up in the night and I felt dizzy, I would just put a call across to him and after discussing with him, I would feel okay. He was more of a friend. He encouraged, inspired and assisted me.”
“I never did sorting. I never heard of such in the university. I also never suffered sexual harassment or undue overtures from lecturers and even from my colleagues. The lecturers did not know me until 400 levels; even then, they were all nice.
“I thank God for the feat I recorded. I am happy and fulfilled because to make a first class is not an easy feat.I did not really have social life. I am not the type that goes out. I like playing games. I sleep reasonably. I read most of the times if I am not in class. I read at least six hours daily outside lectures and other academic engagements.
“Undergraduates should be prayerful in life. They should abide by the rules and regulations of any institution they are. If they obey school regulations, they will not become victims. ” Fatima had a CGPA of 4.80, not only she is one of the 48 first class graduates this year, she is the first female to obtain first class in the Anatomy department history of the 29 year old university.


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