Van Gaal blasts Di Maria for dribbling too much against Crystal Palace

Di Maria
Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has hit out at star signing Angel Di Maria for how often he tends to dribble with the ball.
Di Maria, 26, cost a British transfer record of £59.7 million and scored three goals in his first five games in the Premier League but his impact on the side has faded in recent weeks. The Argentine has been key to United since joining from Real Madrid but a recent change in formation from Louis van Gaal has seen his impact on the side decrease.

The attacking midfielder has been superb over the past 12 months and his style of play sees him pick the ball up and run with power and pace, but Van Gaal believes that has actually been detrimental to the side’s attack as his lack of passing to his teammates is costing them moving forward.
Dribbling, indeed, is often seen as the more selfish option, as opposed to passing the ball on to a team-mate in a better position.
The change in performance from Di Maria is due to the change of position as Van Gaal has moved the Argentine out wide, rather than the central area he was occupying earlier in the season.
“He has played today in a very small space and he is a dribbler but sometimes you cannot dribble. You have to make it a pass game, and Di Maria is not a player who wants to give a pass every time he gets the ball,” said Van Gaal.
“But in this case we needed that and not dribbles. Therefore he lost the ball a lot of times and that was not good for the balance of the team.
“Of course, we need to raise our level. It’s a matter of time but it’s also a matter of getting over a lot of injuries.”


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