Why Beyoncé Don’t Use Twitter- Her Digital Manager, Lauren Wertzer Reveals

Despite the fact that Beyonce is one of the most famous celebs in the world, she doesn’t seem use Twitter as a way of interacting and staying close to her fans.
She has managed to stay off one of the most popular platforms, unlike many of her colleagues and celebrities over all.

Apparently, there is a perfectly logical reason for that, as her digital manger Lauren Wertzer Seawood recently revealed why she and her team decided not to use Twitter.

    The reality is that fans have access. They have expectations that content will be fed to them.” Seawood began.

    Today, you know when you wake up, what the artist ate for breakfast, what their dog looks like.. The ability to fill those channels in a really smart and creative way becomes really important. The key for many artists is that some platforms don’t work.” she continued.

    Beyonce and her team have decided that Instagram and Facebook are the best source of information for her brand.

    We find that using those two platforms gets the content to the fans immediately.” Lauren said.

Well… I think she’s right because bey’s Instagram is always on fire. She recently posted a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower from her trip to Paris with Jay Z/Blue Ivy and some others shots…


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