Pastor Jailed for 5 Years in UK After He Forgot His Name At Heathrow Airport

Samuel Akoto
You do not need to be smart to become a pastor—and even the dumbest can be good at requesting money from people in the name of God.
This story teaches on a lot but it also illustrates that, most of these men of God are never what they claim to be—and it’s good the law does not care either you are a pastor or a bishop. A Ghanaian pastor who walks about with 3 names-Samuel Akoto, David Antwi and David Krumah and used to reside at Jeremy Street, Edmonton in North London was sentenced to 5 years early this month for identity fraud at the Isleworth Crown Court . Until his conviction, he was the sole pastor of Mount Zion Prayer House Ministries (UK) with registered charity number 1153088. He was known to his congregation as Pastor David Kwaku Antwi and he introduced himself as such on local radio station (Sources radio) where he preaches to the Ghanaian community. The pastor who is currently being held at the Wormwood Scrubs prison was arrested at Heathrow Airport on his way from Ghana. And when asked for his name as part of the usual airport questioning, the paster is reported to have mentioned a different name contrary to what was in his passport (in fact, he mentioned a name he used years ago to claim asylum but was refused). This triggered suspicion and through investigations, it came to light that he was involved in sham marriage with one of his congregants for papers, using the new name he was travelling with. A visit to his home even revealed more as a driver licences bearing his photo and a different Congolese name was also discovered. Now that the fraudulent pastor has been thrown into jail, his church-Mount Zion Prayer House Ministries which is situated at Unit 6, Gourley Place, Seven Sisters, London. N15 5NF, is currently being managed by Mrs Rosemary Felicity Acheampong and her husband Mr Kwabena Nkansah. How do you even forget the name in the passport you are travelling with—and the Holy Spirit too does not remind you?. What a dumb pastor!

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