Revealed-Jennifer Lopez faked split with boy toy to promote her movie

She was spotted kissing him this week, fueling speculations they were back together..But now, TMZ reports that 47 year old Jennifer Lopez and her 27 year old boy toy,Casper Smart never broke up...They say she did it all for publicity ..This is also so because,despite allegations he cheated on her with a transexual, they had always been seen together,though secretly..

We're told JLo was hawking her movie, "Boy Next Door," and honchos on the film felt creating a buzz that she was hooking up with co-star Ryan Guzman would help sell tickets. It's hard to do that when you're not single.
But the decision wasn't one-sided. We're told Casper was up to the same thing because he was shooting "Street," a UFC fighter movie where he buffed up. Again, he was more appealing single.

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