Woman gives birth in a bathroom at work, seals the baby in a plastic bag, and hides it in a drawer

A 25-year-old Michigan woman Kim Pappas was charged with homicide after giving birth to a son in a bathroom stall at work.
Kim didn't tell anyone she was pregnant. On Thursday last week, she went into labour while at work, went to the bathroom, had her baby, a boy, cut the umbilical cord with cuticle scissors, sealed the baby in a plastic bag, returned to her desk and hid her baby in a drawer, officials said during a court appearance on Friday.

Pappas appeared in court via video link to be arraigned because she had been denied bail. 
After she left the toilet stall, one of her coworkers who heard moaning went in there and saw blood all over the place, she didn't see who was in the stall, only heard moaning, so she reported the bloodied floor to management, who called the Police.

Kim Pappas didn't admit what she did until one of her coworkers saw blood stains on her dress. They saw blood on her drawer, opened it and saw the baby's body in there. The baby showed no signs of life at the office and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

When asked, Kim initially admitted that she gave birth to the baby but that she miscarried. Upon further investigation, an autopsy was carried out which revealed that the baby was full term and died of suffocation. Then she admitted to what she had done.

Kim was then arrested and charged with premeditated murder. She is currently in jail without bond. Her Lawyer is trying to plead a case of insanity but no one is buying it.


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