[PICS] Story Of A Man Who Used His Body To Shield Fiancee From Bullets During Tunisian Massacre

When they say the words ‘I’ll take a
bullet for you”,it’s unimaginable that there are actually people who would do that for their lovers.
A British father is fighting for life after being shot three times in the stomach while trying to save his fiancee from terrorist gunmen after they attacked a tourist resort in Tunisia.
According to Daily Mail,Matthew James, 30, from Cardiff, was staying at the Bellevue Hotel in Sousse when extremists attacked the nearby beach, killing 37 and injuring 36.

His fiancee Saera Wilson, 26, has described how the couple were sunbathing by the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean when the attack began. Miss Wilson, who is believed to have one child by Mr James and another from a previous relationship, said her fiancee used his body as a human shield to protect her as the attackers opened fire.

She said, despite being covered in blood from the attack, he told her to run away, adding ‘tell our children that their daddy loves them.’ She said:

He took a bullet for me. I owe him my life because he threw himself in front of me when the shooting started. ‘He was covered in blood from the shots but he just told me to run away. ‘He told me: ‘I love you babe. But just go – tell our children that their daddy loves them.’It was the bravest thing I’ve ever known. But I just had to leave him under the sunbed because the shooting just kept on coming. 
‘I ran back, past bodies on the beach to reach our hotel. It was chaos – there was a body in the hotel pool and it was just full of blood.’You just can’t explain how terrible it was. It was chaos with screaming and gunshots. I’m just so glad Matthew is alive because so many other people are dead.’

Engaged couple Saera and Matthew left children Tegan, six, and Kaden, 14 months at home with their family when they jetted out to Sousse on June 21 for a two week break.
Beautician Sarah told how they headed to the beach as normal in the morning – with no idea of the horror due to unfold.  

‘We were just on the sunbeds, messing around and having a nice time when we heard these sounds.’The shooting had started and there was a man with a gun opening fire all around. It is hard to remember just exactly what was going on.’I only saw the one man in dark clothing but people were being shot.’Matthew put himself in front of me then he was hit, he moved and the man shot him again.

Again he tried to move and he was shot again. ‘He was shouting and blood was pouring out all over. I was screaming and it was chaos as more shots were coming out.’We were down on the floor next to the sunbeds to shelter but the shots just kept on coming. He just told me to go, to look after our kids and that he loved me.


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