Just Got Infected - Gonsalves Mpili {POEM}

Just got infected, by what?
A normal disease that everyone gets sick of,
I cough a lot,though my nurse helps,
My heart is injured with her calling me baby love,
I don't care the rest, I care I and I,
Let's give a shot,
Load yours and load mine,
Let's shoot at each other  with bullets of love,
Let it dry in us like a clove,
We are in a roller coaster,
Just made for the two of us,
Taking us to a curse,
A curse of loving you, but not  on a bus,
My lips are full of dust,
They need a starter hence pure lust,
Let our lips collide to burst,
We don't need to adjust,
Like nuts in an engine, let our lips rust,
Loving you is not an option, it's a must,
Our love is of vast,
Just got infected by a disease,
Called I love you.

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