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14 year old schoolboy rejects $30m offer for his unique vending machine idea(Photos)

A 14-year-old school boy has come up with a multi-million dollar idea - to create vending machines that dispense first aid kits.

Watching porn regularly may make you more religious, study finds

Historically, religiosity was associated with low pornography use as almost all major religious disapprove of it.

Parents who post photos of their children on Facebook could be jailed

Parents could face prison for putting embarrassing photos of their children on Facebook , French authorities have warned. Mums and dads who overshare pictures of their kids could be embroiled in legal action once their little one grows up.

Billionaire spends £5.5 million to take 2,500 workers on holiday(Photos)

Saff at a Chinese mail order firm are enjoying a holiday in Spain , thanks to their boss, Li Jinyuan, the billionaire owner of direct-sales firm Tiens Group.

Kill me if you catch me for robbery again, suspect tells police

An ex-inmate of Ilorin prison, Teslim Mohammed, who was recently arrested by the operatives of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Oyo/Ogbomoso annex, while planning a robbery attack with his gang members, has blamed the devil for his return to crime.

I will rather do "Waka Pass" in a good movie than play a major role in meaningless one - Salau-Bashua Babatunde Waheed


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