Kill me if you catch me for robbery again, suspect tells police

An ex-inmate of Ilorin prison, Teslim Mohammed, who was recently arrested by the operatives of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Oyo/Ogbomoso annex, while planning a robbery attack with his gang members, has blamed the devil for his return to crime.

This was just as he vowed that he would never return to crime if let off the hook this time, saying that police should not hesitate to kill him if he was caught again..He told Crime Guard

I am from Erin-Ile in Kwara State but live at Sango, Ilorin. I was a drycleaner. It was Tunde who brought a gun to me that he wanted to sell it. I knew Tunde in Ilorin; he was a carpenter. Tunde knew me as a hard guy and we used to meet at hemp joint.
I called my friend, AZ, to cut it to size, after which we kept it beside a primary school in Ilorin. After that, we attempted to use it to rob at Gaa Akanbi area of Ilorin but we were unsuccessful. Tunde was later challenged and arrested, while we fled. One of us, Solomon, who returned to his residence at Gambari in Ogbomoso, was also challenged by his community members and he was arrested. Tunde brought police to arrest me.
I was once remanded in prison after we robbed some students in Ilorin. I spent close to a year in prison before I was granted bail. The case is still in court. I got AZ’s number from a prison’s inmate called Tosin. It was AZ who gave me the number of another gang member, Bayo.
 I don’t understand myself; it was the devil’s work that made me do the job. If I am let off the hook, I will never venture into crime again. If I try to commit crime again, the police should kill me after catching me.


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