Bailly shamed by Manchester United fashion police

Bailly shamed by Manchester United fashion police Young and Mata

The Red Devils defender sees his choice of footwear called into question by mischievous Old Trafford colleagues

Football may be famed for its fashion icons – think David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo – but not everyone can be on trend all of the time, as Manchester United’s Eric Bailly has found out to his peril.

The training ground can be an unforgiving place for those that dare to break the mould, with anything out of the ordinary seized upon by mischievous team-mates.

In years gone by, any questionable clobber would be shredded or set on fire and hung out of the dressing room window.
Manchester United, it would appear, are a little more respectful of people’s belongings, but then they are living in an era where social media offers a window to the world and there is no longer a need for banter with club colleagues to be kept in-house.
Ashley Young was the first to pull Ivory Coast international Bailly up on his choice of footwear on Tuesday, as the Red Devils regrouped on the back of their goalless draw at Liverpool.

He was prepared to keep the defender’s identity under wraps, preferring to take guesses from his legion of Instagram followers as to who the culprit might be.
Juan Mata, though, was only too happy to let the cat out of the bag.



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